Ferrari 250 GTO

£20m Ferrari 250 GTO involved in world’s most expensive car crash


A Ferrari 250 GTO now has a rather regrettable claim to fame for being involved in the world’s most expensive car crash, after colliding with another vehicle.

The Ferrari 250 GTO, worth over £20 million,  is regarded as the “Picasso” of the motoring world, according to Metro.

US businessman Christopher Cox was driving the luxury sports car in France, en route to Le Mans, among a convoy of wealthy Ferrari enthusiasts when the accident occurred near Blois on Friday.

The group of 21 Ferrari owners were taking part in the vehicle’s 50th anniversary tour.

Mr Cox’s Ferrari model was produced in April 1962 and was one of only 39 ever built. The 174mph sports car sold for £6,000 at the time.

The car was initially red, but was resprayed blue with a yellow central stripe in 1963. Mr Cox bought it seven years ago.

The value of the Ferrari 250 GTO has boomed in recent years, with a green model built for race car driver Stirling Moss selling recently for a world record $35 million.

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