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7 Real-life Essentials for Graduates (Men’s Edition)


For all of you strapping young men who have just graduated from school – congratulations! Now it is time to think, act, and most importantly, look like an adult.

So what pieces of gear will you now need to impress those around you, actively compete with your peers, and accomplish all of your future goals? Try these on for size.

Tanner Goods Notebook

One thing you will still need to keep with you as an adult is a handy notebook. Whether you are writing down your ideas for that screenplay, doodling your way through meetings or putting down names and phone numbers you should not forget, these hand-made linen covered gems not only give you a stylish way to do it, but come with advantages such as conversion tables, how-to sections, and page after page of useful facts.

Maker’s Mark Cigars

While we do not necessarily endorse smoking, we do think puffing on a tasty cigar is a classic thing all men must do. Commissioned by the signature bourbon experts, these are specially enhanced to deliver an extra hint of flavor, and are sealed into an airtight glass container with the famous red wax that adorns all of their products. It goes without being said that these cigars are perfect for pairing with a glass of Maker’s Mark.

Morning Star Incense

As a guy, you’re probably not going to clean your apartment as often as you should. And if you’re going to have someone special over, you will need more than just Febreeze to camouflage your scent. Our favorite is Japanese style incense, because it comes in a variety of smells (from cedar to sandalwood to jasmine and more) and unlike other products, these are actually subtle and pleasant (as opposed to overbearing and consuming). It’ll supposedly keep you stress-free too.

Saddleback Leather Briefcase

How are you going to stand out from the hoards of fellow commuters with their generic briefcases, messenger bags and backpacks? With Saddleback Leather, that’s how. With its thick leather, no breakable parts, and 100-year warranty, this briefcase will protect all of your daily gear and is something that you will truly appreciate more over time. Guys will be envious, girls will be curious, and you will be confident that you’ve made the right investment.

Panic Button Light Switch

Everyone needs a little whimsy in their lives. And this light switch replacement will remind you in your new apartment that it’s always nice to keep a little bit of childish spirit in your adult existence. Plus, you’ll never have to fiddle looking for your light switch when you drunkenly come home – there’s simply no way you could miss this. Or is there?

Stacked Wines

You may feel like you’re in a transition period – ready to get classy with your drinking habits but still needing the convenience (and comfort) or popping open a can of beer. These individual servings of wine are the next best thing, and will be the perfect thing to help you relax after a busy day in the real world. And don’t be naïve – you may be doing a lot of drinking in the real world.

Corvette C7

Is a car essential? Of course it is. In some cases, your vehicle will be the centerpiece of your life until you are ready to get married, buy a house, send your kids to boarding school… so why go on the cheap and buy some dinky sedan when you can rule your city with this contemporary update of the classic design? Remember – you are an adult, but not an old person, so you should enjoy some style, speed and attention while you can.

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