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Around the World: Animal Style


Are you booking your flight around the world?  Do you have money to burn but having problems coming up with a theme?  There are plenty of “been there, done that” ideas you can probably come up with like food tours, viewing historical landmarks, backpacking etc. But if you have the cash to spend, why not coordinate your trip based on the indigenous and local wildlife? 

You can open your mind to the wonders of nature and possibly even get a great story out of it. Here is a great way to turn the entire world into your personal Zoo.

Snow Monkeys in Nagano, Japan

Everyone seems to be heading to China, so why not go against the grain, avoid the crowds and head to Japan? Sure there’s a lot of incredible history, culture and cuisine, but go to Hell Valley in Nagano (where actually nothing reminds you of Hell) and you’ll come across one of the largest populations of Snow Monkeys in the nation.  Going in the winter would be ideal, as these little guys like to jump in the hot springs like the rest of us – and also who doesn’t want to see a monkey snowball fight?

Penguins in Australia

What? Penguins in Australia you say?  Why not?  After your chilly jaunt in Nagano, head down under to find a thriving population of adorable Little Penguins that seem to have figured out that the warm waters here are extremely comfortable. You can also take a short flight to New Zealand and see wider variety like Fiordland and Rockhopper Penguins. Unless you are dying to bundle up for the Antarctic, we don’t see any better alternative than this.

Green Sea Turtles in The Galapagos Islands

Turtles are arguably some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet today.  They live life at a slow pace, can grow extremely old and to a great size and seem to just go with the flow. The endangered species of Green Sea Turtles in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands are native to the area and the only place you can see them in the world.  Stop by to watch them on the beaches, swim with them in the crystalline waters and get on their mellow wavelength.

Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park

Ok, this one is strictly a fantasy right now, but wouldn’t it be great if this place actually existed? You could hear the roar of the T-Rex, watch the Brontosaurus munch on trees and test your sprinting legs against a Velociraptor. Good times!  Right now, you’ll have to settle with seeing the displays at the Natural History Museum in New York City… But twenty years from now, with all this cloning going on, who knows?

Whales in Los Cabos Mexico

While dinosaurs are extinct, whales are not.  And you don’t need to be on a boat or cruise ship to spy on nature’s most magnificent creatures. In fact, you can head to one of the most sought after resort destinations in the world – Los Cabos in Mexico – and just check them out from your hotel room or the beach.  Trust us, you have not experienced life until you have seen one of these colossal beings surface out of the water.

There are certainly many more places to see incredible wildlife – Elephants and lions in Africa, bears in the Midwest of the United States, Komodo Dragons in Indonesia and virtually anywhere you can get to on your travels.  What animals would you like to see? Where do you think are the most interesting places you can go to see them? Let us know in your comments!

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