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Australian couple sets new world record for most Christmas lights


An Australian couple has made their way into the Guinness World Records after setting a new record for the largest number of Christmas lights on their home.

David and Janean Richards, from Australia’s capital Canberra, switched on 331,038 coloured lights to achieve the official Guinness World Record.

They spent four years planning the display, which is raising money for children’s charities.

David Richards, a barrister and father of three, began decorating his home with Christmas lights in October, taking holiday from work and using up every weekend.

He bought 15,000 cable ties to get the strings of bulbs in place.

The lights cover almost all available space at the Richards’ home, with a 60ft illuminated tree at the centre of the display.

“It’s all about putting a smile on people’s faces,” Mr Richards told Sky News.

“The lights go all over the driveway and are synchronised to flash to music.”

Mr Richards is keeping quiet about how much the spectacular Christmas light show cost him and said not even his wife knows how much he had to pay.

Visitors are coming from as far away as Sydney, which is about a three-hour drive away, to catch a glimpse of the stunning lights, queuing along the road in order to see the dazzling display.

Mr Richards said at one stage he counted 350 people walking past his home every five minutes.

“People park a kilometre away and have to walk, then they have to queue for half an hour. The general reaction is ‘we waited a long time but it was worth it’,” he said.

“It has got to the stage that come evening there are so many people I cannot get from my front door to my front gate.”

But despite the traffic congestion that has been caused by the Christmas lights display, Mr Richards says his neighbours have been understanding.

In order to enter the Guinness World Records for most Christmas lights, the Richards were told they would need at least 250,000 lights.

The display had to be turned on for at least 10 minutes, and filmed in a video sent off to London for verification and official confirmation.

The Richards are using the display to raise money for SIDS and Kids, a charity which aims to reduce mortality among infants and new mothers.

Check out the Guinness World Record holder for most Christmas lights in the video below:

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