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Austrian company reveals plans for ‘luxury floating island’


An Austrian company has revealed plans for a luxury floating island that can be re-positioned according to its occupants’ wishes.

According to Gizmag, work on a prototype of the project, called ORSOS Islands, has already commenced, with the island expected to be open for public viewing by the end of 2013.

The island will reportedly be over 20 metres wide and 37 metres long, with space for up to 12 residents.

On its website, the floating island is described as “more comfortable than just about any luxury yacht”, with a Jacuzzi, a large sun deck and accommodation for up to four staff members among its luxury features.

The company is pitching the floating island as a more affordable option to owning or chartering a luxury yacht.

The floating island will be created with a “high level of environmental friendliness”, including a wind energy system, extensive solar panels and plans to use the coolness of surrounding sea waters for air-conditioning, according to the company.

The company founder is Gábor Orsós, an entrepreneur with a background in hospitality and real estate.

The cost of a ‘luxury floating island’ will reportedly start from around €3.6 million for the most basic model.

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