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Let It Flow’s Best of 2011


2011 has had more history changing events than almost any other year since WW2. Revolutions have swept across the globe, wars has been fought and mother nature has once again shown its wrath. The world has literally been transformed right in front of our eyes.

With that said, we would like to take a couple of minutes of your time to focus on the smaller, more everyday type of things. So without further ado, here is our list with the best of 2011.

Best Movie:

The Artist is the bravest movie of the year. Yet it doesn’t deal with a horrific subject matter, or expounds a political agenda, or even tried a whole new technology like 6D. It goes back to the beginnings of Hollywood’s sound era, shows you a world in black and white, and takes away Dolby-this-and-THX-that-sound for a few hours.  Bravo.

Best Restaurant:

Why is El Bulli the best? Well because it was, and because it is no more. It is the reservation you won’t get, not matter how wealthy you are. It is the food that other lucky people have deemed legendary, and now you will just have to be satisfied by articles and blogs. If you don’t believe us, Google it.

Best Album:

We should not think of it as filling the void that Amy Winehouse left, but Adele has swept in to take the mantle for all imperfect, talented souls. And perhaps that is what makes her rise above the other so-called musicians out there – she’s still good enough to sound raw, to rise above the marketing and connect with our hearts.

Best Television:

Amazing Race, in all countries, will prove to be one of the reality shows that lasts, or spawns, a type of TV that lasts forever. Not only does it get intimate – throwing friends, lovers, parents and children into a race – but also shows them and their audience a world outside their own. It’s a vacation, a competition, and a primer for understanding other cultures.

Best Book:

Sorry Steve Jobs fanboys. While his biography is a fascinating read, it is not in any sense of the word a ‘literary classic’. This year, we picked Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, because what he does is skew, just a little bit, your perception and handle on reality. And reading this one will surely inspire you to read the rest of his work.

Best Airline:

So Japan gets two things up on this list. Now we admit no flight on ANY airline is perfect, but ANA (All Nippon Airways) gets the top spot this year because it’s the first to launch the new Boeing Dreamliner – the most fuel efficient and spacious commercial jet to date. Yes, you can only fly to Japan with it. What’s so wrong about that?

Best Computer:

The Apple MacBook Pro, 15-inch is hands down our winner this year. It doesn’t have Blu-ray, the processor is not the best, and it’s not that customizable, but the aluminum build quality really puts most manufacturers to shame.  And what do you do with your computer aside from looking cool at the coffee shop? So might as well get this one.

Best Streaming Music Service:

Spotify has arrived. Well, Europe’s had it for a while, but now that it’s out in America, it has reached a new level of popularity on par with that of Angry Birds. Shell out just a few bills for the premium service, and you can listen, explore, revisit and discover for as much as you want. When it’s missing stuff, it sucks, but they have the best shot out of all the services right now.

Best Luxury Car:

We figure you’ll want to fight over this one, but the 2012 Jaguar XF really brought ‘it’ this year, and is turning heads of loyal Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and Infiniti and BMW drivers allover the world. It offers great power, handling, form factor and – most importantly – the ability to make the next guy jealous.

Best Waste of Money:

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Oh, to be rich, full of life and own an excellent insurance plan.  We focused on this water power jet pack in a previous post, but it wasn’t until we saw this video clip that we decided that it was not only ridiculously expensive for what it is, but also a complete waste of money. Best waste of money, sorry!

On that note, enjoy the rest of 2011! See you in 2012!

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