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Bukowski’s Art Auction Celebrates Female Artists


If you’re a fan of really good contemporary art, then the Bukowski Art Auction this May, could be something for you.

Featuring some big women artists, they’ve put the spotlight on the impact female artists have had on the art scene after breaking through the tough and long lasting male domination in the arts world. CEO of Bukowskis, Michael Storåker says, “The gender of the artist doesn’t matter to me. But looking at our auctions in recent years I can make the following conclusion: Fantastic women artists sell.”

Some works that are up for sale at the Stockholm auction on 23 May are:

Maria Friberg, Still Lives #3

This fantastic and interesting piece was the talk of town after being showcased at the Armory Show in 2004. For a chance to get your hands on this eye catching piece, make sure to be there for the auction!

Mamma Andersson, Mot Gryning Blek (Pale Dawn)

It is rare to see this popular artist’s work for sale and when they do, they tend to sell out instantly. Her gloomy, nature inspired art has made her the highest priced living artist in Sweden.

Cecilia Edefalk, Vertical Aphrodite + horizontal male visitors

Be ready with a big wad of cash for this on! When her painting “Baby” was sold in 2010 the new owner forked over SEK 6 million, close to US$1. The starting price for this beauty? SEK 700,000-800,000.

International art work will include

Diane ArbusWoman with a Veil on Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C 1968

and Yayoi Kusama’s untitled bright pink painting.

You can browse the entire catalogue prior to the auction on Bukowski‘s homepage.

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