Post image for Conan O’Brien presents the Bugatti Veyron Mouse

Conan O’Brien presents the Bugatti Veyron Mouse


Wednesday night viewers of NBC’s Tonight Show were left stunned as host Conan O’Brien unveiled his $1.5-million Bugatti Veyron – in the form of a giant mouse.

Thanks to Conan O’Brien’s ongoing dispute with television network NBC and his imminent departure from the Tonight Show, the gloves are off and O’Brien is going all out by trying to waste as much of NBC’s money as possible by doing things that “aren’t so much funny as they are crazy expensive”. And in doing so, he has managed to bring in viewers while at the same time make a mockery of the network that signs his pay cheque.

O’Brien finished the segment by gleefully stating: “Total price tag for this comedy bit: 1.5 million dollars! Sorry NBC!”

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