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Devices Now Useless Thanks to The iPad


Surprised or not by Apple’s amazing and magical announcement this month, the incremental advancements of the all-new iPad (no number designation, so a bit confusing for the folks who own the iPad2) have gone and done something unexpected.

While there is no Siri assistant (just a voice dictation app), no USB slots (for add ons) and no places to put a memory card (a very basic requisite), for the first time the features of this device are as close to what we wanted to see in the second – if not the original – iPad. And the qualities are so that we think certain technologies may soon be ready to be retired and thrown away.

1. Cheap Digital Cameras

The new iPad not only debuted a better camera – a 5 Megapixel featherweight – but also gained the ability to shoot 1080 HD video. This turns out to be much better than many mid-range point-and-shoot cameras, as well as Internet ready pocket video cameras, and certainly will be enough for most non-professionals. And with access to editing applications and a brilliant screen that puts high definition home televisions to shame, this is the all-in-one image capture machine you always wanted.

2. Video Game Systems

When the head of a leading video game company declares that the new iPad has more memory and higher resolution than the top game systems like the XBOX 360, you have to listen. At the unveiling of the device, the president of Epic Games made this bold claim with its next installment of the popular ‘Infinity Blade’ series, and we have to admit… it looks convincing. It now seems like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have yet another thing to worry about, aside from flagging sales and outdated systems.

3. Hard Drives

The ‘cloud’ is still kind of scary (can you really trust the Internet when it comes to storing all of your important documents?), but it gives you nearly unlimited memory without any of the clutter. What would make the ‘cloud’ less scary? Perhaps a device that will serve as a physical manifestation of it, and will also be the easiest way to access it – yes, the new iPad. You can upload to your cloud service from any of your computers, and just pull out your iPad to access it wherever you are. And without fear of breaking a portable hard drive or losing a USB stick. What’s easier than that?

4. Laptops

Ok it may not have a physical keyboard (only the virtual one), but the iPad has a better screen (!), a better onboard camera, enough gigabytes to hold onto your essential documents and apps, WiFi, 4G/3G data speeds… and the list goes on and on. And with programs like Photoshop, Sketchbook, Garageband and more, you can be incredibly creative and productive. And we haven’t even mentioned the 10 hour battery life, ability to play HD movies, play Angry Birds, and…

5. Home Internet

Free WiFi is now available in countless locations (from Starbucks to McDonalds to your local city park), and with the latest 4G/LTE network accessible through the iPad, do you really need DSL/Cable and shell out almost $100 a month just to be stuck at home? With speeds that rival the best you can get through a wired system, you can now enjoy all that the Internet has to offer no matter where you are or where you want to go. You can lead that digital nomad life thanks to the new iPad.

What else do you think you can throw away? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Dan Callis

    I can’t see iPads replacing Laptops, sorry. They’re a nice tool for messing about but using complex software (say from my perspective, video editing programs) it’d be a fiddly nightmare.

    Cheap digital cameras however, good riddance. I think Smart phones have already inflicted most the damage there.

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