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Drunk Swedish moose stuck in apple tree


A moose in southern Sweden was stuck in a tree after getting drunk from eating fermented apples.

The moose was reportedly drunk from eating fermenting apples when she lost her balance and became trapped in the tree.

Homeowner Per Johansson, from Saro near Gothenburg, found the elk making a roaring noise in the garden next door.

With the help of police and rescue services, Johansson managed to set the moose free in part by sawing off tree branches.

Still, the animal appeared confused and wandered into Johansson’s garden, where she spent the night recovering from her bender.

Drunken elk are apparently not an uncommon sight in Sweden during autumn, when there are plenty of fallen fermented apples about.

According to the Associated Press, Mr Johansson said the elk appeared to be sick, drunk, or “half-stupid”.

Check out this video below as Johansson recalls finding the drunk moose in his neighbour’s garden:

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