Rob Higgs corkscrew invention

‘Fabulous’ corkscrew made from scrap metal sells for £100,000


Inventor Rob Higgs has come up with an unusual £100,000 corkscrew made from 300 pieces of scrap metal.

His amazing corkscrew machine uses two cannon balls, a clock spring and a steam engine to pour a glass of wine, the Metro reported.

The unique invention has already been sold to a six-star hotel for £100,000.

But that’s not all Mr Higgs stands to make from his weird invention. Mr Higgs, from Penryn, Cornwall, UK, has also been commissioned to make 25 more of the machines.

Mr Higgs, who describes his work as “being similar to Heath Robinson drawings”, spent four years building the prototype which has been branded a “fabulous talking point”.

He said he drew inspiration from items he found in his grandfather’s workshop as a child and had spent most of his life creating wacky inventions.

“The majority of the corkscrew machine is stuff that I found in places like scrap yards, car boot sales and antique fairs,” he said.

“I also have a workshop which has tons of hoarded rubbish and piles of junk.

“It’s a useful brain exercise because it gives you ideas. It’s like going to a library.”

Check out Rob Higgs’ £100,000 corkscrew in the video below:

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