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Gardening Luxuries


Getting down on your knees in the garden is not exactly a luxurious leisure. But fact remains: it needs weeding and some good old TLC. And the perfect garden is also a key ingredient to the perfect garden party. So we figured that with the best way to be inspired could be through what we love: luxury!

Feel exquisite during your next weeding session with these fabulous Hermes gardening tools and gloves. In fact, just looking at them makes you want to get started in the garden! Team them up with these amazing Gucci rubber boots and you’ll be the neighbourhood trendsetter. Very Bree van de Kamp, no?

I don’t know about you, but a hammock makes me think about when I was a kid and tried to climb into our garden hammock, strung between two pine trees. Time and time again, I’d fall out of it and land on sharp pine needles. However, when we spotted this beautiful hammock from Amazonas, all I could think of was where I could get one. Order one here!

If you ever considered installing a garden shower, well, look no further. Viteo‘s upside-down garden shower shower looks like a cloth-covered plate – but connected to a water hose the plate will release water upwards for two to four meters. Even better is that you can move it around the garden and it’s easy to store away during the winter months.

What is a garden party without garden games? Be the hit of the summer with these fantastic game kits from Louis Vuitton featuring badminton, boule and playing cards.

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