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The Greenest Hotels in the World


Just a few years ago, the mere mention of a ‘green’ hotel would have probably conjured up images of having to stay in a hut in the middle of nowhere, sleeping on leaves and giving up all of your favorite amenities.

These days, however, hotels around the world have found that being more eco-friendly enhances the luxury aspect of their facilities, and attracts a clientele that is ready to pay extra in order to know that their health and well being, as well a those of the surroundings, is being protected. Here are our favorites:

Australia: Voyages Longitude 131

When you hear about the accommodations at this luxury resort next to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, you may first be taken aback, as they call them ‘tents’. They are far from camping teepees that fold up into your backpack. These eco-friendly structures are some of the most, painstakingly designed, spacious and private structures you will ever stay in, nestled along the terrain and offering unbroken views of the breathtaking scenery.  And with only 15 of them available, you never forget that you are experiencing something incredibly unique, and nothing short of five-star.

Napa Valley: DoubleTree Napa Valley Hotel and Spa

Northern California’s Napa Valley is one of the finest places to connect with nature, bask in beautiful surroundings and enjoy some of the best American wine and cuisine you can get. Topping off a visit by staying at this LEED Certified (Gold rating!), environmentally sustainable hotel, is ideal for any eco-conscious tourist – it utilizes energy saving solutions such as skylights for lighting, offers recycled products throughout all rooms and even provides eco-friendly beds made of renewable materials. Formerly known as the Gaia, but now a DoubleTree, this is not a hotel for ‘wow’ factor, but is certainly the greenest option in this enchanting destination.

Switzerland: Whitepod Eco-Resort

If you’re off to the Swiss Alps for your next ski adventure, you will definitely want to check out the Whitepod Eco-Resort, which looks like it popped out of a James Bond movie from the 1980’s. That’s not an insult – the 15 state of the art insulated pods in this resort area offer incredible protection from the snow and cold weather, and are outfitted with everything from wood burning stoves to organic bedding.  They have a low impact on the surroundings, and the resort takes an active role in reducing waste, minimizing water and electricity consumption and utilizing renewable resources.

Japan: Hoshinoya Karuizawa

While this resort nestled in Nagano, Japan beautifully blends ancient Japanese traditions with modern Western amenities, the standout feature is its incredible Onsen (hot spring bath). Especially in the coldest months, a dip in these waters is rejuvenating, and the perfect way to relax before enjoying a locally sourced meal or resting in the eco-friendly Ryokan-style rooms.  The resort also harnesses natural, geothermal heat, utilizes recyclable materials, and actively pursues several eco-friendly projects, policies and initiatives. If you are wondering, Fukushima is nowhere close to this area.

Maldives: Soneva Fushi Resort

The Maldives should be one of those ‘bucket list’ places for everyone. This destination is truly gorgeous, especially the North Baal Atoll area and its lush terrain, sandy beaches and glittering lagoon, where this resort makes its home. In 2010, the facilities became 100% carbon neutral, and over the years the hotel has won multiple awards for its energy efficiency, waste reduction practices, and preservation programs. What this means for guests is that they get to frolic in one of the most pure destinations in the world, a luxury to beat all luxuries.

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