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Halloween Extreme 2011


What does Halloween mean to you? Is it an excuse to fulfill that cross-dressing dream? Or maybe it allows you to stuff yourself with candy and recapture your childhood. However you see it, we all can admit that it is almost never as cool and satisfying as you want it to be.

So before you run out and get that Angry Birds costume you’ve been talking about all year, we want to give you some alternative ideas that may breathe new life into an over-marketed, often unimaginative, and pretty tired holiday.


If you’re a seasoned programmer, or motivated pervert, this should be a fun project. Utilizing a face-tracking program, you now have the ability to somewhat convincingly project someone else’s face onto your own. Don’t scoff at the low-resolution projection here – this is just the beginning, and we’re sure we’re only a couple of years away from being able to convincingly fool people over video Skype. In the meantime, go freak people out on chatroulette. Watch the video, as it is truly creepy. Developed by Arturo Castro (


For those who intend to actually get out of the house, the possibilities for the Japanese-built REAL-f 3DPF (3D Photo Form) are endless. This company will scan your face with their proprietary 3D technology, then print it onto an accurate mold. The level of detail is incredible, which results in a convincing mask that is both life-like and devoid of life. We’re sure you can think of many pranks to accomplish with this one, but our favorite idea is to print out a few dozen of these, hand them to your friends, and relive Being John Malkovich. Real-f (

DIY Flying Ghost

Take a look at this video, and you’ll learn how to modify a radio-controlled quadrocopter into a flying ghost that can speed down streets and float high above rooftops. If you’re a skilled pilot, this should provide hours of fun – and add a new dimension to this holiday – as you chase after unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. But don’t get too close, because those blades can provide the kind of trick that will raise your insurance premiums for sure. Utah Aerials (

Blackout Haunted House

In a little placed called New York City is a destination that will scare your socks off – and no, it’s not the subway.  At this haunted house for the new millennium, you will be asked to go in alone, wear a protective mask and be put through a test that even the creators of SAW would have liked to have come up with – and yes, you have to be over 18 in order to experience this, so don’t expect cheap scares. So if you’re looking for genuine, bone chilling thrills this Halloween, why not fly here and spend your hard earned cash on this once a year experience? Blackout Haunted House (

Happy Halloween!

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