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Homeless couple find $10,000 on the street and hand it in to police


A homeless Brazilian couple have done what even many wealthy people wouldn’t dream of doing and handed in a garbage bag they found filled with around 20,000 Brazilian Reals (USD9835) to the police.

Officials said the couple, who live under the bridges of Sao Paulo, were out for a morning walk when they heard an alarm, according to The Telegraph.

When they moved closer to investigate the cause of the alarm, they came across a briefcase and a garbage bag full of money. The couple then alerted a nearby security guard, asking him to call the police.

“When we arrived, the couple gave us the money. It might be the money stolen last week from a Japanese restaurant,” said Bruno dos Santos, a Brazilian military police spokesman.

The spokesman added the homeless couple “had the opportunity to flee with the money, but they called a security guard and asked him to call the military police. What they did is commendable”.

Jesus Silva Santos, the man who found the money, told media he earned about $7.50 a day from recycling rubbish.

“My mother taught me never to steal,” he said.

The police officers at the scene said they had never dealt with a similar case and admitted they were amazed when Santos turned in the money to them.

What would YOU do if you came across all that cash? Share your comments below…

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