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You may have heard that they’re planning to build hotels on the Moon and Mars? Well, all of us won’t have time to wait for them to open (or to be accessible with frequent flyer miles or low fare airlines). Lucky for the impatient, some crazy cats here on planet Earth has had some weird hotel ideas that will hopefully make the wait seem less long…

Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Sweden seems to have taken it upon themselves to provide the wackiest hotels out there. They have the ice hotel, the silvermine hotel and the floating cabin underwater hotel (yes, you read that right). Another popular hotel destination for the city traveler is the Jumbo Stay hotel in Stockholm which has made quite the impression worldwide. Set in a real c1976 Jumbo Jet, the plane has been converted to a hostel and cockpit accommodation. Located near Stockholm’s main airport, it might not be the best choice for a weekend getaway crammed with sightseeing. But perhaps it’s the perfect stay for those trying to overcome their fear of flying?

Harbour Crane, the Netherlands

Holland is a country filled with fun and quirky so no surprise there when the city of Harlingen opened up the Harbour Crane. The hotel is converted from a genuine dockside crane based in the docks of Harlingen, located about an hour by car from Amsterdam.  A warm and comfortable hotel, the owners have still managed to maintain the industrial feeling. For those that dreamt of their own crane as children, get this: each suite is fitted with one and the breakfast is delivered via the internal lift to your bedroom.

Das Park Hotel, Austria & Germany

Another European wild card is not for the claustrophobic. Made out of giant concrete sewage pipe segments, the Das Park hotels in Austria and Germany have really thought out of the box. Although the sparse décor, the walls have been given a coat of paint and some artwork by Austrian artist Thomas Latzel Ochoa. Book online and then open the pipe by typing in your booking number on the door’s digital keypad.

The Canopy Tower Ecolodge and Nature Observatory, Panama

The Canopy Tower Ecolodge and Nature Observatory in Panama provides one of the most amazing views of Panama. While it’s popular for spotting rainforest birds, you can also see the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and the skyline of Panama City. If you’re the hiking type with a kink for spectacular views, this is not one to miss.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, USA

Last but not least is the cool Jules’ Undersea Lodge. This is not a walk-in hotel – you need to dive in! Yup, that’s right – and it’s not a quick swim or a delicate jump from a boat either. No, to get to your lodge, you actually need to scuba dive 21 feet beneath the surface of the sea.  You then enter from an opening at the bottom of the lodge. Based in Key Largo, Florida, you can enjoy complete privacy for the duration of your stay – apart from the fish.

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