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Place Your Bets: Top Rumors About the iPad 3


March 7th 2012 will be game day for not athletes, not movie stars, nor politicians, but the citizens of the world – and by that we mean Apple devotees (wink, wink).

All information points to this day being the announcement time for the much-anticipated iPad 3, and invites have apparently been sent out to various news outlets (we’re still waiting, Mr. Cook). But what features will it really bring us?  Will it just be another number, or a next step in the evolution of the device? Here are the most credible rumors we’ve heard, and our what we think the chances are that they will come true.

A New Screen

Duh. Unless you haven’t read any tech blogs – or even accredited news sources at this point – you may not have heard about the ‘retina’ display coming to the iPad3. One of the features that made the iPhone 4 so popular, the pixel density of this type of screen is so high, and the images so smooth, that your eye won’t see any jagged or blurry images at all.  If this weren’t going to be included, there would be no reason to release the iPad3. Seriously.

Chances: 100%

Quad Core Processor

The impending debut of a brand new (or newly branded) processor is also a no brainer. But whether the brain of the iPad 3 will be a quad core chip – or just an updated dual core – is up to debate. The inclusion of a quad core processor would certainly keep the device at the head of the game (instead of in the middle, where Apple usually places itself). But the downside is possibly shorter battery life. So unless they’ve devised a new battery plan that would keep the iPad 3 running for as long as its predecessors, we think that this could be a long shot.

Chances: 65.24%

Super Siri

Imagine a better Siri – OK, it’s not so hard to imagine. But on a more powerful device like an iPad3, this voice-recognizing, continually misunderstanding, virtual assistant feature should run circles around the sometimes-sluggish Siri of the iPhone 4S.  It also gives non-iPhone fans a new reason to invest in an iPad, as the interface and overall experience may feel more fluid on a bigger device.  Who wants to use the still awkward virtual keyboard on the iPad to find the nearest Chinese restaurant anyway?

Chances: 82.33%

Microsoft Office

The rumors have been rumbling that MS Office would be coming to the iPad for a long time. There have supposedly been some ‘leaks’ that it is in testing phase. So wouldn’t it be oh-so-good-timing if it was announced along with the iPad 3?  People have been clamoring for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Office since the debut of the first iPad.  This would be a great way to usher in a new era and attract more buyers who are ditching their laptops for tablets.

Chances: 50%

4G Network Access

With 4G LTE becoming the next level for data consumers, upgrading the iPad 3 would be a smart move, as so few devices currently exist on this network that it can become simply the iPad 3 bandwith.  Crazy, right? Well, we’d be elated but also surprised to see this happen, as Apple is notorious for making sure that things are as ready (as possible) before adopting a new network. But with all that money in the bank, perhaps they are ready to throw caution to the wind.

Chances: 43%

What do you think will debut on the upcoming iPad 3? Leave a comment!

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