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Luxury Fashion for Men


Attention all men into luxury fashion! There is a new kid on the block, website MyEdo.

The new fashion retailer for men was established with the belief that UK men really love luxury fashion. Founder of MyEdo, Edoardo Cannarsa, grew up in Windsor and wanted the style of the clothes to reflect the “British man” and his sense for style.

When talking luxury brands it’s easy to go for the big brands and forget about the alternatives, something MyEdo has made a point of highlighting. Featuring brands such as Joe Black Craze, VKing, Neill Katter, Di Biasi, R.A.G.S London, Ricco, Alan Hayden and Bloke Undees, the MyEdo shopper has the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd.

Though recently started, Cannarsa has understood the importance of social media. The company already has a following of over 18,000 on Twitter and more than 5,000 on Facebook – both have been an important tools in the promotion of the online web shop.

A few hot tips for the summer:

Don’t be afraid of colour this summer with this amazing Neill Katter blazer:

Show off your tats with a classic white tee from R.A.G.S. London:

Arrive at the summer party in style with a VKing bow tie:

Now, go shop!

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  • Justin Logan

    The blazer is nice but i don’t like the color red, would be great if this is available in more shades like black, white or even blue, the white tee is also great for summer season.

  • Anonymous

    These items are really cool! You really have great ideas when it comes to fashion for men. Mens short sleeve shirts are also great stuff to wear on.

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