Manchester City parade

Manchester City parade celebrates Premier League title victory


A crowd of almost 100,000 avid Manchester City fans gathered in the streets of Manchester to paint the town blue in a victory parade for the new Premier League champions.

And they certainly had cause to celebrate – Manchester City won their first title since 1968 after a dramatic 3-2 win over QPR on Sunday.

The players arrived at Manchester Town Hall to a resounding applause from City fans and began a 1.8-mile open-top bus parade through the city centre.

Before boarding the bus, the players thanked their supporters and held the Premier League trophy to the crowd, to the fitting tune of Queen’s We are the Champions.

Captain Vincent Kompany told the fans: “We want to say thank you to you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

England winger Adam Johnson said: “Everything we did was for the fans. It’s good we can repay them with trophies.”

City boss Roberto Mancini described the final minutes of the thrilling match against QPR as “the best and worst five minutes” of his and his players’ lives.

He then told fans: “I think we should be proud of these players because they did everything for you [the fans] – they wanted to win this championship for you.”

However, it wasn’t all laughs for the club. During the parade, Carlos Tevez held up a banner reading “RIP Fergie”, which he was handed by one of the fans at the parade. The club subsequently issued an official apology to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, saying Carlos had made “a significant error of judgement”.

Tevez also personally apologised for the message, saying he “didn’t mean any disrespect”.

Check out the Manchester City parade in the video below:

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