Martian Pink diamond

‘Martian Pink’ diamond sold for $17.4m


A rare pink diamond has been sold for $17.4 million at auction, after just six minutes of bidding, in Hong Kong.

Auction house Christie’s stated the diamond – the biggest of its kind ever to be sold – was bought by an anonymous telephone bidder, according to the BBC.

The Martian Pink diamond is extremely rare and had been expected to sell for between $8 and $12 million at auction.

“The bids were very competitive… there was a lot of excitement… when it finally did come up for sale the buzz in the room was sensational,” said Christie’s auctioneer Rahul Kadakia.

The 12-carat diamond was given its name by American jeweller Harry Winston in 1976, the year America launched its first satellite mission to Mars.

“It comes from Harry Winston, who was so impressed that the Americans had landed on Mars in 1976 that he looked at his inventory and he found a rough diamond which probably could come out as pink,” Christie’s Francois Curiel said.

“So he cut it, and he cut it in such a way that the intensity of the thing was larger than any of the other things that he had ever cut before.”

Mr Curiel added the American seller of the diamond had wanted the gem to be sold in Hong Kong.

“He had studied the market pretty well and seen that all the top prices recently were obtained in Hong Kong because of the presence of the Chinese, and several other countries from South East Asia were very, very keen on diamonds,” he said.

The most famous pink diamond in the world, however, belongs to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Williamson Pink was given to the British queen on the occasion of her wedding in 1947 – the cut, 23.6-carat round stone was later set in a brooch.

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