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Most Expensive Golf Essentials


The popularity of golf, pardon the pun, is on an upswing. No longer is it one of those sports that only your dad loved, but these days it is drawing a new generation of players – both men and women – who have been inspired by and are actively following in the footsteps of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and many more. And, most importantly perhaps, golf is a sport that will always symbolize wealth – perfect for Let it Flow readers who are always looking for yet another fantastic activity to spend some serious money on.

So what should you pick up to show off your money, if not your skill?

Liberty National Golf Club Membership

Golf club memberships are typically known to be expensive, but this club – situated in New Jersey of all places – is among the most expensive right now.  Becoming a member (which is invitation only to begin with) will cost you a quarter of a million US dollars, and to keep your membership you will have to pay $25,000 annually.  For being built on a former toxic site, it is truly an impressive feat of design, architecture and landscaping, and its billionaire members will attest that the course and amenities are second to none.

Garia LSV

Golf carts are supposed to be flimsy, uncomfortable vehicles that serve one purpose – to get you to the next hole. Not anymore.  This officially street-legal one by Garia (yes, you can drive it on the road if you want) tops out at $62,000 – multiple times more expensive than a similar sized Smart Car.  Why? The manual points to its customizable body, wheels, and safety features, but we think some enterprising fellow figured out that clubs like the one above needed to justify its dues by providing these things to their members.

Louis Vuitton Golf Bag

Let’s face it.  All golf bags are ugly.  They can’t help it.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t get one that you will be able to brag about.  Louis Vuitton decided that it wasn’t enough for them to sell some of the most expensive handbags and luggage in the world, so they apparently moved to golf bags in order to have an excuse to charge $12,100.00. Even if you have no golf skills, you can at least scare your competition into thinking you can simply buy the trophy.

Maruman Majesty Prestigio Clubs

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a golf club that is actually worth its price. For a little under $10,000.00 you can have a set of clubs that have been designed with an obsessive sense of precision, forged with only the finest available materials and tweaked to send your balls farther than ever before. So whether you are aiming for a hole in one, can put your ball on the fairway, or will most likely get it into a water hazard, at least you know you are doing it with conviction.

Steve Williams

Though no longer working with Tiger Woods, caddie Steve Williams was on hand for 13 out of 14 of his former boss’ biggest wins. The guy has proven himself. How much do you think he made at the peak of their partnership? $1.27 million. Is he still ‘worth’ as much? Who knows.  But if you want a caddy of his caliber on call for you for an entire season, at least you know what you need to shell out.

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  • Ali Barnard

    Wow, this is certainly some of the most golf equipment that I have heard of! 

    Sure the Louis Vuitton golf bag is nice, but don’t think it would quite look right in the middle of winter here in the UK, on a freezing cold day with the wind howling and mud splattering everywhere! Love the look of the golf cart, and from that one picture alone, the Liberty National looks stunning! 

  • ebog

    It is something I think is very good and very good, so I’ll probably only watch it over here,which is hard to touch that stuff. Too great.

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