world's fattest woman

Mother-of-two Susanne Eman wants to be the world’s fattest woman


Obese model Susanne Eman has a strange ambition – she wants to become the world’s fattest woman in history.

The 52-stone mother-of-two aims to reach a whopping 115 stone by wolfing down at least 20,000 calories a day.

Susanne, 32, from Arizona, USA, hopes to pass the half-way milestone of 57 stones by the end of the year.

“I’d love to find out if it’s humanly possible to reach a tonne,” she said.

“A previous record holder was 1,600lbs (115 stone) , so I have to be at least that.

“My next goal is to be 57 stone (800lbs) by the end of the year.

“At my current rate of growth, I should be 115 stone by age 41 or 42.”

According to the Daily Mail, Susanne visits the supermarket once a month with sons Gabriel, 16, and Brendin, 12, and spends up to eight hours filling six shopping trollies.

“It’s like a full day’s work,” said Susanne, who uses a motorised scooter but still believes she can stay healthy.

She added: “The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy. Why shouldn’t I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy?”

Susanne’s mission to become the world’s fattest woman began after she failed to lose weight.

“Two years ago I hit 35 stone because I was losing my battle against weight gain,” she said.

“I noticed I actually started attracting more men, and it made me feel good.”

The unemployed mother – who can’t work because of her excessive weight – claims she stays active by doing simple exercises and having regular health checks.

“I go for a waddle and do stretches and exercises every day,” she said.

“My muscles need to hold up to my weight, so I have to stay strong.

“I take my blood pressure once a week, and every day, after I exercise, I take readings of my other vitals. I use a pulse oximeter to measure the concentration of oxygen in my blood stream.

“And I take my blood sugar levels just like a diabetic. If either of the readings go above a certain level, I’ll immediately contact my doctor for advice.

“If I was to get sick, I’ve arranged for my sister to take care of my kids.

“I haven’t gone near the danger zones yet though.”

Despite warnings from her doctor that her excessive weight could kill her, Susanne insists she wants to break the record.

Dr Patrick Flite said: “She’s really playing Russian roulette with her life with this goal. There are well-documented complications that come with morbid obesity.

“I would never encourage anyone to be doing what Susanne is doing.”

Dr Flite said Susanne’s medical checks showed no current problems, adding: “She’s capable of making her own decisions.  I don’t see any psychiatric problems or anything else wrong.”

But Susanne admitted she’s taken steps to protect her children from going down the same unhealthy path.

“The boys do notice my diet and that I eat more each day,” she said.

“I tell them that everybody likes different things. If I’m making something fatty and they want something healthy, then I make us different meals.”

Susanne also acts as an online agony aunt for other potential ‘Super Size Big Beautiful Women’ (SSBBWs).

“I want to break the stigma that being fat is a bad thing,” she said. “I remind other fat people that it is OK for them to be that way.

“The message I want to get across is for people to accept others for who they are.”

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  • Nukahiva

    She is being very stupid.  As an ICU n urse I have taken cary of many 600-700 lb patients.  They die slow horrible deaths on a ventilator,  skin breakdowns, multiple invasive tubes and IV’s,  and the end is always ineviable.  They die slowly.  Our bodies were not designed to be that large,  it is not a genetic flaw.  It is slovenly and laziness.  She must be getting something she needs from the attention she is drawing.  Her oldest son is starting to look over weight himself.  He needs a better role model than a mom whos only ambition is to eat more and more,  all at the taxpayers espense.  What wouls she do if the goverment said no more money honey….get a job?

  • Donzie555

    what you do to yourself is not anyones business, as long as you are not receiving any form of public assistance, if your goal is to be a human slug ,GO FOR IT< when will your knees give out? when will you be in a wheelchair because you can no longer move your supply of fat on your 2 tiny feet? who is going to bring that food to you when you can no longer get out of bed? who is going to bath you and attend to your needs? you are a veryt stupid person ,but as long as you do not draw ANY type of puliic assictance go ahead and gorge yourself, so many are hungry and you do this , it is not an acceptance issue it is a stupitidy issue.

  • Charisse Oates

    UGH! And I love that she is unemployed. WHO is paying for her SIX trollies of food once a month? Does she have her own money or are we paying for her to eat too much and get too fat! Even her DOCTOR recommends against it. Yeah…her muscles MIGHT be able to move her fat behind around…but what about her BONES!!!! UGH, when people act THAT dumb then you have no emotion but anger at their stupidity. 

  • Justin

    pathetic, in every manner

  • CookieMonster

    Yo momma’s so fat she sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out 

  • Guest

    What a complete idiot!

  • Khan

    Best of Luck for her world record. May be she need more food to get this record.

  • angel

    Congratulation for World Record,but i think now she must reduce her weight.because women she is too much over.

  • Daltonirl

    no its just lazy unhealthy and an excuse to be selfish what a sad state we have come to to think we we evolved to this :(

  • mode für mollige

    I never thought and expect that human could be as big as that woman above. Well, that is a reality and many will probably be aware on this. 

  • Jade36nicholle

    What a disgusting woman, for more than the obvious reason. It is horrible that you’re recieving any attention at all, you are setting a terrible example not only for your own kids (who soon you won’t be able to take care of) but for Americans everywhere who struggle with weight loss. This isn’t valiant, you just gave up when you tried to actually get healthy. What a lazy, disgusting choice.

  • Jason Scott

    At least her goal isn’t to be the tallest. 

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