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Movies that Stir Up the Senses


We read an article on a little while ago, titled “I can’t tell if movies are being serious anymore” and we agree with it wholeheartedly. Watching really bad movies, or even passive movie watching has become widespread, because – let’s face it – we’re bombarded with so much media every day that we end up simply blindly consuming instead of being selective, engaging with one film and enjoying it to its fullest.

So do yourself a favor and carve out a time to watch a single movie and nothing else that day, and relive the time when you had only a handful of television channels and watching video on the Internet was just a crazy dream of some nerdy programmer (and now millionaire). And if you watch the following films, you may recall what made watching movies so special to begin with.

Yes, we can argue that music is an essential part of moviemaking all day long, but only a handful have integrated music as well as Milos Forman’s ‘Amadeus’.  This retelling of the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart takes a lot of liberties with the actual history, but few movies blend passion, rivalry, love and music so beautifully.  The final scene alone is worth watching the movie over and over, as it breaks down Mozart’s work in a way we hadn’t seen before and probably won’t ever see again. IMDb

Eat Drink Man Woman
There are movies that feature food, and there are movies that turn food into a character that is as evocative as the actors you see on screen.  ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’ – one of Ang Lee’s early works – is among the second kind, and the first scene alone will make you want to call down to the local Chinese restaurant and order some take-away. The story, about an aging master chef and his three daughters, is indeed charming but unless you’re a cannibal it is the food (and the smells and taste that you imagine as you watch it) that will be etched in your mind forever. IMDb

This John Waters’ film may not be as well known as ‘Hairspray’, but will go down in the books as one of the few movies that used scratch and sniff Smell-o-Vision technology (basically a cardboard card that viewers would be prompted to sniff during the film).  Dubbing it ‘Odorama’, Waters both made fun of the concept but also used it to great effect – not only did he include typical smells like flowers, but also added gasoline, pizza and feces to the mix. IMDb

3D has come and gone, is back again and will probably go away again, but film historians would be making a huge oversight if they left ‘AVATAR’ out of a list like this.  James Cameron not only invented proprietary cameras to shoot with, but also painstakingly crafted a film that was at once entertaining, heartfelt and thoughtful.  The use of visual effects is truly a milestone, CGI and reality blend together seamlessly, and the 3D feels less like a gimmick and more like a way to truly immerse yourself in the experience. IMDb

What other films can you think of that stirs up your senses? Let us know in the comments!

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