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Online gaming booming in Australia according to recent study

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The online gaming industry has experienced massive growth in recent years, as punters from across the globe look for more convenient ways of placing their bets.

A recent study found there has been a surge in online gaming in Australia over the past six years, with Australians spending an estimated $600 million on online gaming, according to Casino Times.

In the largest study of online gaming  in Australia to date, 6,500 participants completed an online questionnaire, which revealed the patterns of their online gaming activity.

The study revealed the country’s online gamers were more likely to be male than female, were more likely married or living with a partner and more likely to come from a higher-income household than those who bet in land-based venues.

The study also revealed online gamers generally participate in a greater variety of games than those who do not play online.

According to the study, the most popular online gaming areas in Australia are sports betting, followed by casino games and poker. Online sports betting accounts increased by 103 per cent between 2004 and 2008.

One of the authors of the study, Alex Blaszczynski, from the University of Sydney, stated the boom in online gaming in Australia can be partially attributed to the recent growth in technological advancements.  Given the huge popularity of smartphones, iPads and tablet computers, online gaming has now become more accessible than ever, allowing punters easy access to online betting markets and games.

Online sports betting is legal in Australia, while online poker and casino games are considered illegal, although Australians can still legally access an estimated 2,000 international gaming sites.

Australian lawmakers are considering industry regulations which will allow punters the freedom to take full advantage of online gaming, in a responsible manner.  Meanwhile however, the country’s online gaming industry continues to grow.

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