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Over 300 Danes mistakenly named lottery billionaires


Over 300 Danes suffered a case of serious disappointment after being told they had become lottery billionaires, only to be told later there had been a mistake.

Human error was blamed on a glitch which mistakenly said lottery winners had won jackpots ranging from a massive 1 billion Danish krones to an astronomical 280 billion, the Daily Mail reported.

Danish national lottery organisation Danske Spil shattered the dreams of the 302 lottery winners via email just an hour-and-a-half after being told they had become billionaires.

Thomas Rorsig, spokesman for Danske Spil, said: “All won prizes but not billions of crowns. The correct winnings… were typically 200, 300 or 400 krones.”

Rorsig added most had taken the bad news relatively well, though a few were “very angry” and demanded their original prize.

He also said in light of the error, Danske Spil was considering whether to increase the payouts to the winners as a form of compensation.

He said the mishap was caused by “human error” when employees at Danske Spil were preparing letters to winners of the Eurojackpot lottery.

Rorsig said nothing like the mishap had ever happened at Danske Spil before, adding: “And I hope it never does again”.

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