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“Pants on the Ground” becomes YouTube hit


Pants On The Ground, the song performed by Atlanta resident Larry Platt during his American Idol audition, has shot to fame to become a YouTube sensation. But the song’s YouTube power is just the beginning.

The hysteria over 62-year-old “General” Platt’s song has spread into endless parodies, and may even rival the likes of William Hung’s infamous off-key audition performance of Ricky Martin’s hit She Bangs.

When asked what inspired the song that is now sweeping the US, Platt replied: “I was walking one day, and [I saw] a guy with a baby bottle in his mouth, and he had his pants on the ground. And that’s what gave me the inspiration.”

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was filmed chanting the lyrics to the song with teammates after leading his team to a victory over the Dallas Cowboys on January 17. Singer Brandon Gray also paid homage to Platt with his own acoustic spin on the tune.

“I think this song all touched us greatly. While this isn’t even close to the amazingness of the original Pants on the Ground, it’s my little attempt at covering this classic song,” he said.

Jimmy Fallon parodied the performance on his late night show, crooning it while pulling off a Neil Young impersonation.

Platt is a veteran of the 1960s civil rights movement, and reportedly took part in the infamous 1965 “Bloody Sunday” march in Alabama from Selma to Birmingham, with the late Dr Martin Luther King Jr. He rocketed to fame last week when American Idol aired his audition during the show’s season nine premiere.

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