Post image for Shanghai’s first Louis Vuitton Maison is here

Shanghai’s first Louis Vuitton Maison is here


This week Louis Vuitton is inaugurating their sixteenth house, which is Shanghai’s first Louis Vuitton Maison.

The four floor house, designed by architect Peter Marino is located at Shanghai’s Plaza 66. Each Louis Vuitton Maison is a unique experience and the latest one is no exception. With custom-made furniture and exclusive designs combined with LV’s already innovative clothes and accessories, it should not disappoint.

Those with deep pockets can dream up designs for their own custom bags in the Maison’s invitation-only floor. “The made-to-order concept is the ultimate luxury,” Louis Vuitton Chief Executive Yves Carcelle told Reuters. “It’s the same with art. If you are interested in art, the ultimate is to commission an artist rather than buy a piece that is already done.”

Celebrating the art of travel, the Louis Vuitton Express started in Paris and the 12-day journey has been documented by photographer the Selby. The Express will arrive on Thursday at famous Bund in Shanghai where elegant models will emerge. The models will – apart from beautiful and extravagant clothing and jewelry – carry Louis Vuitton staples such as suitcases, wallets and handbags to emphasise the brand’s history with elegance, creativity and Art of Travel.

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