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Responsible Gambling

The online gaming industry has experienced massive growth in recent years, as punters from across the globe look for more convenient ways of placing their bets.

A recent study found there has been a surge in online gaming in Australia over the past six years, with Australians spending an estimated $600 million on online gaming, according to Casino Times.

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Just a few years ago, the mere mention of a ‘green’ hotel would have probably conjured up images of having to stay in a hut in the middle of nowhere, sleeping on leaves and giving up all of your favorite amenities.

These days, however, hotels around the world have found that being more eco-friendly enhances the luxury aspect of their facilities, and attracts a clientele that is ready to pay extra in order to know that their health and well being, as well a those of the surroundings, is being protected. Here are our favorites:

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