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Nothing says glamour quite like a piece of clothing designed by the likes of Hubert de Givenchy and Valentino – and then worn by style icon Audrey Hepburn.

And now that timeless glamour is up for sale to the highest bidder, with some of the actress’ most famous dresses being auctioned next week in London and 50 per cent of the proceeds going to The Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund and Unicef.

There are more than thirty of pieces for sale, dating from the early 50s to the late 60s, including clothing, accessories and personal letters written by Hepburn during the period. Also included in the sale is a wedding dress she never wore, made for her marriage to James Hanson - which Hepburn called off weeks before it was set to take place.

After she had called off the wedding, Hepburn asked that the dress be given away “to the most beautiful, poor Italian girl you can find – someone who couldn’t ever afford a dress like mine” and the recipient – Amabile Altobella – wore it and kept it in her family until it was tracked down by the family of the dress’ creators, the Fontanas, in 2002.

Auction experts predict the sale could raise in excess of £100,000, because authenticated Hepburn pieces are rarely available on the open market. The pieces are currently part of a touring exhibition in Sotheby’s New York and Paris and will be exhibited at La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade on Pall Mall, London on December 6 before being sold on December 7 and 8 at the same venue.

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What’s a multi-million dollar bra or a diamond-clad wedding dress when you’re rolling in it? Peanuts really… well at least in the name of fashion. Here are some of the most ludicrously expensive items of clothing ever sold:

Most Expensive Underwear
Price tag: US$15 million

Victoria's Secret's Red Hot Fantasy

Launched in 2002 at the opening of the Victoria’s Secret store on Broadway, where it was modelled by Brazilian fashion icon Gisele Bundchen, the Red Hot Fantasy lingerie set, priced at a whopping US$15 million, comprises of a brassiere and matching briefs.

Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most extravagant and expensive items of underwear ever created, the Red Hot Fantasy is made of the finest red satin, and covered with an array of hand-cut gemstones. The bra alone sports over 1,300 stones, including 300 carats-worth of glittering Thai rubies surrounded by sprays of diamonds. 

Plus, more importantly, it’s designed for maximum cleavage.

Most Expensive Jeans
Price tag: US$60,000

115-year-old Levi's jeans

In 2005, a pair of 115-year-old Levi’s - similar to the Nevada jeans pictured – were sold on eBay to a Japanese collector who paid what some spend on a luxury automobile.

Most Expensive Suit
Price tag: US$100,000

Alexander Amuso's Suit

London-based designer and entrepreneur Alexander Amosu has found a buyer for his mind-bogglingly pricey $100,000 creation – the most expensive suit in the world.

The one-off creation took 80 hours to complete, at a price of about 14 pounds per stitch. The single-breasted, single-buttoned suit was made from rare materials such as Vicuna wool, which can only be shorn once every three years from the South American camelid, and Qiviuk wool, gathered from the Arctic muskox.

Most Expensive Shirt
Price tag: US$40,000

Eton Diamond Shirt

To celebrate their 80th anniversary, Swedish shirt-making company Eton created the world’s most expensive shirt out of the finest Egyptian cotton.

But the shirt’s wow factor is definitely its diamonds. Both the studs and the cufflinks are encrusted with shimmering diamonds—white diamonds on the cufflinks and coloured diamonds on the studs.

Most Expensive Gown
Price tag: US$12 million

Diamond Wedding Gown

The most expensive wedding dress – and gown – in the world, the Diamond Wedding Gown was designed as a collaboration between Renee Strauss, owner of a highly successful bridal salon in Beverly Hills, and Martin Katz, who deals in rare jewels.

Featuring a staggering 150 carats of diamonds, the dress is valued at a whopping US $12 million.

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