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Are you booking your flight around the world?  Do you have money to burn but having problems coming up with a theme?  There are plenty of “been there, done that” ideas you can probably come up with like food tours, viewing historical landmarks, backpacking etc. But if you have the cash to spend, why not coordinate your trip based on the indigenous and local wildlife? 

You can open your mind to the wonders of nature and possibly even get a great story out of it. Here is a great way to turn the entire world into your personal Zoo.

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An archipelago wonderland of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts.


Extending from between four and 10 degrees south of the equator and lying between 480km and 1,600km from the east coast of Africa, 41 of the Seychelles’ islands constitute the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth while a further 74 form the low-lying coral atolls and reef islands of the Outer Islands.

The granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago cluster around three main islands: Mahé, home to the international airport and the capital, Victoria; Praslin; and La Digue.  Together, these Inner Islands form the cultural and economic hub of the nation and contain the majority of Seychelles’ tourism facilities, as well as its most stunning beaches.

The Seychelles’ picturesque beaches are clearly its biggest drawcard, with their turquoise waters, white sand and awe-inspiring backdrop of lush green hills and glacis boulders.

With such a dreamlike setting and an unmistakable sense of tranquility, the Seychelles is, unsurprisingly, the destination of choice for many honeymooners.

But there’s more to the Seychelles than just being a perfect holiday destination for scoring brownie points with your loved one. The Seychelles is also a top spot to watch birds and giant tortoises in their natural habitat. Another world of life lies just below the glistening waters, attracting divers of all skill levels. And when you tire of beaches, you can always venture inland and go on jungle trails, indulge in fine dining, or enjoy the sublime laid-back atmosphere.


  • Capital: Victoria
  • Population: 84,000 (2009 estimate)
  • Area: 451 square kilometres
  • Official languages: English, French, Seychellois Creole
  • Currency: Seychellois Rupee
  • Climate: Tropical
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