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Inspired by Earth Week we were thinking of some fun, eco-friendly things to do on a beautiful spring day. As the weather is getting warmer (we hope!) why not go on a picnic?

Start your weekend by downloading the GoodGuide app when shopping your picnic food. The GoodGuide is a shopping app, which will tell you what products are eco-friendly and which are not. It instantly reveals whether products are safe, healthy, green and socially responsible. Read more »

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Can you take a guess as to which cell phone is the greenest? Where many tech geeks only seem to care how ‘cool’ their cell phone looks when they pull it out at some hipster gathering, global companies are working on refining their environmental impact (whether for altruistic or economic reasons).

According to a recent study by GoodGuide, where nearly 500 phones were tested, several well known companies came up on top – though one was notably missing (here’s looking at you, Apple).

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