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A poster for the classic German science-fiction film Metropolis, which holds the record for world's most expensive film poster, is to be sold at auction again after its owner filed for bankruptcy recently.

The poster was painted by German artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm to promote the release of Fritz Lang's 1927 film about a futuristic urban dystopia, and is one of only four known remaining copies. Read more » [...]

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So you’ve just recovered from another New Year’s celebration, after partying with your friends, family, and loved ones, consuming insane amounts of alcohol, and not getting arrested or ending up in the hospital. Congratulations! But what did you forget? Didn’t make any resolutions for the year? Shame on you. Isn’t that what part of ringing in a New Year is all about?

But if you are legitimately having problems imagining how to improve yourself this year, we [...]

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We read an article on a little while ago, titled "I can't tell if movies are being serious anymore" and we agree with it wholeheartedly. Watching really bad movies, or even passive movie watching has become widespread, because – let’s face it – we’re bombarded with so much media every day that we end up simply blindly consuming instead of being selective, engaging with one film and enjoying it to its fullest.

So do yourself a favor and carve out [...]

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With 3D coming back from the dead in a big way this past year, it’s only appropriate to look back at film history and appreciate how the last century (that’s right, film has only been around for 100 years for those who grew up with DVR and YouTube) has produced some significant achievements.

From physical technology to visual language to the marriage of entertainment with intellectual ideas, a lot of stuff went down, and we celebrate them all here in a [...]

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Movie stars sure live the life – and come to think of it even their fictional counterparts do as well.  It’s especially obvious in the places where characters live, as apartments and houses in movies are always just much bigger than they are in reality, of better quality and somehow more affordable.

But while the discrepancy between make-believe and real-life may be clear when it comes to apartments, hotels and resorts on the other hand seem to get a fair [...]

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