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Apple’s latest magical device – the iPhone 4S – arrived with a healthy dose of fanfare, but just a few weeks later there has been a growing number of complaints regarding the shorter battery life.

In the tech blogging world, an incident like this is often the kiss of death for some gadget manufacturers, but thus far Apple doesn’t seem to be getting skewered like Sony, Nokia, or Samsung usually do.

Are you a geek who is under this impression? Why are we so willing to turn a blind eye? Is this blatant favoritism for a beloved company? Or is this just our misinformed perception? Come voice your opinions in the comments below!

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Can you take a guess as to which cell phone is the greenest? Where many tech geeks only seem to care how ‘cool’ their cell phone looks when they pull it out at some hipster gathering, global companies are working on refining their environmental impact (whether for altruistic or economic reasons).

According to a recent study by GoodGuide, where nearly 500 phones were tested, several well known companies came up on top – though one was notably missing (here’s looking at you, Apple).

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So you missed out on buying your loved one a special gift this Christmas?

Fret not… you can still make up for it (and then some) with this – the world’s most expensive mobile phone.

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