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Are you booking your flight around the world?  Do you have money to burn but having problems coming up with a theme?  There are plenty of “been there, done that” ideas you can probably come up with like food tours, viewing historical landmarks, backpacking etc. But if you have the cash to spend, why not coordinate your trip based on the indigenous and local wildlife? 

You can open your mind to the wonders of nature and possibly even get a great story out of [...]

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Georgia is the world’s most expensive place to hire a car, according to a new study.

Car rentals in Ireland were the cheapest of the 131 different locations surveyed by price comparison website, followed by Spain, Portugal and Malta, while 11 of the 20 most expensive destinations to hire a car were in Africa. The prices were based on a week's hire of a vehicle, using the same pick-up and drop-off points. Read more » [...]

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You may have been to Disneyland, but these theme parks are in a whole different league. Forget classic bouncy castles or bumper car rides. These playgrounds may not be for everyone, but they are continually flooded with people who come for the exciting, the cute, the weird, the scary or the outright crazy experiences on offer.

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Lets face it – we don’t all have the same tastes. And when it comes to expensive things, we can become even pickier about the brands, the activities and the destinations we care about and get behind.

Even a beach getaway can become a big point of debate, and while all the top beaches in the world may exude an incredible amount of natural beauty, we know that perfection is only truly achieved when the destination can provide the qualities that speak to you, not [...]

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A man has just embarked on a unique journey: travelling around the world without any luggage or bags of any kind.

Rolf Potts decided to put the concept of “travelling light” to the test by seeing how far he can go with only the items in his pockets. Read more » [...]

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Looking for a luxurious skiing weekend? The Travel Channel travelled to the resort of LAAX in Switzerland and stumbled upon a true winter wonderland...

The resort consists of three villages; Flims, Laax, and Falera. Flims and Laax were two of the first ski destinations in the world to embrace snowboarding, as well as the freestyle skiing movement for which Laax in particular has become well known. Recently, the village has acquired the trendy rocksresort, and what [...]

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Situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, Barbados is a coral island boasting some of the most breathtaking stretches of white sand beaches imaginable. But there's more to this Caribbean gem than sun and sea.

Away from the luxury resorts and sunworshippers is where you’ll find what makes the island really special. Central Barbados has a rolling terrain of limestone hills and amid this lush scenery you can find some fascinating remnants of the [...]

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The European winter is looming once again... but you don't have to resign yourself to dark grey days spent watching the rain pounding on your window.

On the contrary, winter provides the perfect opportunity to experience a different kind of 'great outdoors', especially with a trip to one of the top European ski spots, as voted by Forbes. So stop wishing for the rainclouds to disappear, and start planning a trip to one of Europe's top winter wonderlands! 10. St [...]

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