world's most expensive potatoes

Tesco to sell world’s most expensive potatoes


The world’s ‘most expensive and exclusive’ potatoes are to go on sale at supermarket chain Tesco.

La Bonnotte potatoes are typically grown only on one small island off the French coast, and have been known to sell for up to £400 per kilo.

Their hefty price tag is down to the care which must be taken during harvesting. Machines cannot be used because the potato tubers are so delicate, meaning that each potato must be hand-picked by commune residents on the island of Noirmoutier.

Only around 20-100 tonnes of La Bonnottes are produced each year – and those are quickly scooped up by the finest French restaurants. The potatoes are said to possess a distinctive earthy and salty flavour due to the presence of algae and seaweed in the soil.

The Tesco versions, however, will be slightly more reasonably priced than their French counterparts, selling for around £2.65 a kilo.

Instead of being grown on Noirmoutier, Tesco has sourced their potatoes from Jersey, where La Bonnotte potatoes have been grown in recent years in a bid to protect the precious soils of Noirmoutier for future generations.

Tesco’s senior potato buyer, Andy Blackett, said: “La Bonnotte are the caviar of the potato world and kilo for kilo are among the planet’s most expensive foods.

“They have a unique and complex taste that is simply out of this world – as seaweed is added to the soil to enrich their production, there is a distinct hint of sea saltiness as well as lemon and an earthy nuttiness.

“As we’ve bought a lot we’ve been able to get them for a good price and will pass this saving on to our customers.”

Earlier this year, Tesco also launched the strawberry and cream sandwich, followed by pink and yellow giant mushrooms.

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