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Who doesn’t enjoy a game of Monopoly? The world famous property board game has become a real “household staple” after being passed on as a tradition to future generations. Being  ascommon among families as it is with friends at a party, it’s undeniably one of the most popular board games.

Next time you suggest a game of Monopoly, why not surprise with Monopoly: The Godfather Edition. To celebrate the board game’s 40th anniversary, manufacturer Hasbro is releasing a special edition of the popular game. A great way to reminisce and relive the Godfather Story while playing your favourite game.

The original Monopoly streets, cards and tokens have been changed; imagine Boardwalk and Park Place replaced with Mobster Hideaways. Or selling and trading Moe Green’s Casino and Joe’s Diner. If you pick a Corleone card it will entitle you to kidnap an opponent and with a Tattaglia card you will get a single money laundering opportunity.

Instead of the original Monopoly tokens, the game introduces a horse head, cannoli, Genco Olive Oil tin, the Don’s limo, a dead fish and the tommy gun. And instead of “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards, they’ve been swapped to “Friends” and “Enemies”. Definitely an exciting new game for the Monopoly lover where you learn how to keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

Watch the unboxing video here:

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