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Top 10 Summer Design Gadgets (for Boys)


Summer is the time to gather with your friends… and show off your new toys of course.

If you are looking for the next big thing to inspire jealousy as well as ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ from those you wish to impress, here is our list of the must have gadgets – for boys.

Jawbone Jambox
Need a speaker that you can throw into your backpack that actually sounds good?  The wireless Jawbone Jambox has been built to go anywhere, and can connect to a plethora of devices via blue tooth.  Whether you need a system to blast your favorite movies and tunes by the beach or you need to put a conference call on speaker in the middle of the woods, this is the gadget for you. (Starts at $199.99 in the United States.)

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery
What summer is worth without some beer?  And if you’re going to make some, try to make it right.  The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery is forged out of stainless steel, will yield you the perfect home brew in about seven days, has a refrigeration system and even a dispenser. (Starts at $5,660.00 in New Zealand.)

Amazon Kindle
Sorry iPad2 – we think you’re cool, but the Kindle – tough not new – offers a much less stressful experience where you can carry an e-reader around without worrying about anyone trying to steal it or (if you do recklessly break it) also break the bank in order to replace it.  Their new system turns screensavers into advertisements, so you can even subsidize your Kindle and get it for as low as USD $114.00 (Otherwise starts at $139.00 for WiFi only or $189 with 3G.)

Nintendo 3DS
Would you really rather be playing Fruit Ninja for the millionth time on your iPhone, just like everyone else, or would you rather attract the attention of others with a shiny new Nintendo 3DS? We thought so.  Without the need for ridiculous looking glasses, you can experience the 3D sensation on this latest generation of the popular handheld gaming system.  Will you go crosseyed if you play too much? Who knows. And who cares? (Costs $25,000 Yen in Japan, variable everywhere else.)

Zojirushi Cool Bottle
While it may not be as well known as SIGG or Thermos for its insulated bottles, the Japanese company Zojirushi is producing one of the best cold beverage bottles on the market today – the Cool Bottle.  It’s designed to keep your favorite drink cold for up to 6 hours, stop condensation on the outside, offers a wide mouth for easy drinking and is exceptionally easy to clean. (Starts at USD $38)

Fiik Big Daddy
Were you always too scared to get on a skateboard because the wheels were too small? Perhaps it was just us, but scared we are no more.  The Fiik Big Daddy not only takes the cake as the monster truck of all skateboards, but also offers full electric power for when you need that extra boost during long trips. It’s also the perfect way to prove to the ladies that you’re an eco-friendly fellow. (Starts at $950 in Australia.)

What summer adventure would be complete without video footage that can last for an eternity online?  Mount this sucker on your helmet, goggles, or wherever you can think of and you will have embarrassing footage in no time.  This will also free your hands for other… stuff. (Starts at USD $650.)

Kikuichi Santoku 7” Knife
Ever feel like you wanted to be a samurai – in the kitchen? Whether you are hosting a refined dinner party or a backyard barbeque, this Japanese knife will impress everyone around you.  Forged out of the same steel and techniques that created indestructible samurai knives for centuries, these hand-made knifes are really a must-have. (Starts at USD $238.)

Not quite a reality yet, we’re hoping that the recent media attention on this product is really going to help it come to fruition.  Basically the other end of the spectrum from fully stocked tablet devices, this is really the first real digital notepad that simply works like a piece of paper.  Retro and forward thinking – perfect. (Supposedly this will be as cheap as $99 in the USA.)

And finally, for the millionaire daredevil in all of us, this is the ultimate jetpack.  Blasting water out through a unique nozzle and engine system, this thing can carry someone up to 10 meters at 35 kilometers an hour.  Seems like a great way to put out fires too. (No joke, this thing is 129,0000 Euros.)

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