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A majority of Let it Flow members have the entrepreneurial spirit – come on, how else can you afford that luxury lifestyle? Luckily, these days you no longer need to find a generous venture capitalist in order to gather money for your great idea, as ‘crowdfunding’ has brought the ability to be an early investor to the masses. So where should you go in order to raise funds this new-fashioned way? Try the following sites, depending on what kind of mind-bending, world-changing, or easy-money concept that you might have.


This is probably the most famous of crowdfunding websites, as it funds virtually everything, from new technology and video games to short films, and has been in the news multiple times for raising millions of dollars for several innovative projects. If you fancy your endeavor to be of the creative bent (whether you are creating the next ‘Matrix’ or ‘Angry Birds’) or have an innovative product concept that even Apple would be jealous of, make sure to put it on this one to get the most traction.


Not everyone goes into business solely for profit. We know that, and admire the gesture of creating something that enables progress for numerous local or international causes that can use attention, money, and dedication. So whether you are interested in building wells in Africa or bringing about awareness to human trafficking, or providing much-needed services to your town’s homeless, this is the site for you. It will help you build a fundraising website in minutes, help you explain what important mission you are raising money for, and put your best foot forward to funders.


Most tech people now acknowledge that the iPad is the new Internet – a brand new playing field for digital innovation. By creating interesting apps, one can take advantage of this new market and truly make a fortune. If you have an idea for an app that is unique and useful, putting it up here can bring about the funds you need in order to sustain and complete the project. People who fund your project will eventually get a percentage of every sale, so everyone profits in the end.  If you have no ideas, perhaps putting some money in with projects you like will be a moneymaker for you as well.


Somewhere between Kickstarter and causevox is buzzbnk.  With the amount of attention Kickstarter and causevox are getting, these sites are definitely becoming more ‘serious’, and is drawing more established folk in their respective fields – making it harder for anonymous upstarts to compete with, and stand out from, the ‘big boys’. If you feel like your project is more ‘niche’, or is more about doing ‘good’ than profiting, or simply needs a better chance at exposure, this site may be the place to go.


Indiegogo is our underdog pick.  Whether you are looking to raise money to help treat a friend’s illness, need financial support for a photography trip around the world, wish to build schools in a remote country, or just want to bring some laughter and joy to people who need it, this is probably the best site to do it. No pretenses, few meddling corporate partners, and an easy to navigate site make this the right environment for large and small projects of all categories.

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  • buzzbnk

    Thanks very much for featuring Buzzbnk. We would like to add that Buzzbnk supports charities and social enterprises crowd-funding both donations and loans. 

    Buzzbnk itself is a social enterprise, owned 63% by leading charities and foundations in the UK and has a social purpose mandate to support the
    social enterprise, social investment and charitable sector.

    Theresa Burton
    CEO & Co-founder, Buzzbnk

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