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Top Gear for Olympic Games Fever 2012


Are you psyched for The 2012 Summer Olympic Games? We’re guessing yes. And although the heated global competitions are still over a month away, you may already be feeling like you need to release some of that anticipation, or at least fully prepare yourself in order to watch everything in the appropriate manner.

Here are our suggestions on how to best enjoy this once-every-four-years event, especially if you can’t make it to London this time around.

Panasonic TC-P55VT30

Many people do not enjoy watching movies in 3D, but one category where the enhanced visuals do unequivocally work is for watching sports. And this year, with the Olympics set to broadcast in 3D in many countries, it may be the best time to invest. We hear that as of right now, this Panasonic is the top model on the market.  So why not splurge what you would have on tickets, hotels, and airfare and instead put it into this 55-incher? The bonus is that it’ll last you much longer than the games.

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Games

Want to pretend that you could be an Olympic athlete, but don’t want to leave the living room? Well you can at least get off the couch with Mario and Sonic, in their officially sanctioned Olympics game for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Re-familiarize yourself with the sports that you only see every few years, or get off your butt and pretend that you are training for the real thing.  If anything, it’s the best way to get the whole family involved.

London 2012 Historical Bed Linens

There are plenty of Olympics related mementos that you can pick up online – especially to support your home country – but we think there is nothing more over the top than a set of bed sheets for your home. While you wait for the opening ceremony, you can snuggle up under the duvet, and feel like the biggest Olympics nerd enthusiast in the universe.  Too bad they don’t make a bed that is shaped like a discus or something.

The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbook

You may not be able to get to London for a pint, and you may not even have the luxury of purchasing any authentic UK brew in your area. But if you start experimenting now, you may be able to whip up a batch of something similar with this renowned beer cookbook. What better way is there to feel accomplished, and then sit back and get tipsy and fat while yelling at some of the most fit, athletic, and talented people in the world.

Official Mobile App

How else are you going to keep tabs on everything unless you’re taking off time from work during the entire games?  As long as you have a nifty app on your Android phone or iPhone, you won’t miss a beat during the entire Olympics.  Right now, you can only check out the upcoming schedule, but when it goes live (along with the games) it should be sending you updates with all results in real-time.  Awesome.

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