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Lotteries to Try Around the World

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There are a bunch of great online lotteries and scratch card games out there, but why not go old school every once in a while? These days, the world has gotten much smaller, and for many of us, our network of friends and associates has grown to include people from all over the world.  If you trust them, and they trust you, why not join in some of the lotteries that are available in their local districts?

If you have the funds, you can increase your chances of winning ‘free’ money, and – of course – make your friends rich through the process. And what better way is there to improve international relations?

Japan: Takarakuji Jumbo Draw

Despite its steady decline in the world markets, Japan is still one of the wealthiest countries out there. So it’s no surprise to hear that the year-end ‘Takarakuji’ can end up totaling a whopping, tear-inducing, $1.14 Billion US dollars. The only catch that the pot is split into hundreds of smaller prizes (more tears), so the most you can win is $1.7 Million. Not a huge sum, but the odds are 1 in 9, so this may be a nice, casual game where you can brag about winning something.

USA: Mega Millions

Quite frankly, few lotteries impress as much as Mega Millions in the United States.  The biggest SINGLE payout that has occurred was $315 Million in 2005, but this lottery frequently hits jackpots of up to $390 Million.  All you need to do is pick six lucky numbers, (yes, like Hurley from ‘LOST’ did). The odds are 1 in 175 million, but tickets are only $1 each, so you can buy as many as you want and really rack up your chances if you want to.

EU: Euro Millions

Just a few months ago, a couple from the UK won €117 Million in one of the largest single jackpots, ever. Isn’t that enough motivation for you to call up your buddy in London and go ‘all-in’? But the great thing is that if you have friends throughout Europe (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and of course the United Kingdom), you can partner with multiple people to increase your chances of winning.

Brazil: Mega-Sena

As if there were not enough reasons to plan a trip to Brazil, here’s another. If you make some friends down there, you can partner with them to invest in Mega-Sena lottery tickets twice a week. As the biggest lottery in South America, the pot has gone up to a whopping R$145 Million – won by two ticket holders in 2009. OK, so chances are 1 in 50 million that you will win, but if you do, you would have no excuse not to live your dream life down there.

Australia: OZ Lotto

The land down under isn’t just good for crocodiles and walkabouts anymore. OZ Lotto is arguably one of the best aspects of life on the sprawling continent, held once a week on Tuesdays. Just by playing the requisite 7 numbers, people have competed for jackpots that have gone as high as AUS$ 106 Million (to odds of 1 in 45 million). Some people have complained about the $1 ticket being too pricey for the odds, but it’s still the only one to break the hundred million mark.

Going through people too much effort? There are always ways to play online, of course.

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