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Top Meals to get FedEx’ed to You


You never know when you are going to have that craving that going out to a neighborhood restaurant or ordering takeout /delivery is simply NOT going to satisfy. If you have the resources (as we know you do), have you thought about calling upon FedEx to deliver your favorite meal?

Sushi chefs use overnight international delivery all the time to obtain the freshest fish for their restaurants, and we can order all types of frozen foods… so why not take out from a place hundreds or thousands of miles away? Just put it on some dry ice, obtain some reheating instructions if necessary, and we would be more than happy to gobble it up.   This is what we would pay a premium for…

Ultimate Chinese Food

There is no food like Cantonese food when you are craving a late night meal, some food to settle the stomach after hours of heavy drinking, or even when you are pregnant.  You may feel good supporting the mom-and-pop restaurant down the street, but have you ever wondered what the authentic stuff tastes like? Sure, it may sound ridiculous to spend hundreds in shipping costs for a cheaper than dirt meal, but there are high-end restaurants in Hong Kong that will be happy to balance the difference for you if you so choose.

Lung King Heen
Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Hong Kong Tel: 3196 8888

Meatballs from Sweden

So what if there’s an IKEA near you where you can pick up edible meatballs for a handful of coins? You haven’t really tried true-to-life homemade Swedish meatballs then you really have never eaten them at all. Sure, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Swede or two roaming around your city who can cook, but for more reliability, why not order from this place in Gothenburg – Smaka – which reportedly has some of the best? Don’t forget to have them include the gravy and Lingonberries!

Vasaplatsen 3, Gothenburg, Sweden Tel: 031-13 22 47

Pasta Sauce from Italy

Before you say ‘Send me a Pizza!’, just think about it – you feel a craving for authentic pasta sauce, but wherever you are, you know that the local restaurants and the sad stuff at the supermarket just won’t cut it.  So why not order yourself a fresh batch of the best pasta sauce from one of the most esteemed restaurants in Italy, and then pour it over whatever cheap pasta you have at home? Blasphemous? Wasteful? Frivolous? Perhaps all of the above. But it would make a great story, no? Order it from Rome to guarantee faster delivery.

Colline Emiliane
Via degli Avignonesi 22, Rome, Italy Tel:06-481-7538

Pastrami from New York City

You may think of New York as the culinary capital for its progressive cuisine and high end restaurants. But the history of good food in the Big Apple goes so much further, and is embodied in pastrami. A staple of Jewish cuisine, this slow cooked meat is one of the most succulent you will ever taste, and is pure heaven for anyone who tries it. As long as you have a knife to slice it yourself, you’ll be fine, or else you’ll be using your hands, which doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

205 East Houston St. New York, NY, 10002 USA Tel: (212) 254-2246

Choux Creams from Japan

Dessert time. While ice cream or gelato seems like a no brainer to send via FedEx, we think you should try these little choux creams from Japan – an unparalleled culinary destination that is obsessed with achieving perfection when it comes to pastries. This little bakery in Kamakura called Les Choux serves up some the best of these bite-sized morsels. Sure, you can probably call up a Japanese department store too, but why not go the extra mile since for you it is only another drop of a penny from your piggy bank?

Les Choux
1-1-10 Nishikamakura Kamakura Tel: +81 467-31-5288

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