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Transport workers strike it lucky with $172m Powerball jackpot

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A group of US transport workers are celebrating after their office syndicate struck it lucky to the tune of a massive $172 million in last Wednesday night’s Powerball jackpot.

48 Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority employees pooled their money together to buy tickets for the Powerball draw.

And it was just as well they did, after they scooped the $172 million prize, equating to around $3 million each.

Each member of the office pool, made up of everyone from senior executives to cleaners, contributed $5 to buy 120 tickets for the draw.

Cheers and celebrations rang out at the Philadelphia’s transit agency offices on Thursday when news of the win spread.

Some of the lucky winners were spotted dancing in the corridors, while others stayed modest about their win. They have all decided to remain anonymous.

The agency’s director of media relations, Jerri Williams, said: “It was very exciting. We’re very happy for them. It couldn’t have been a nicer group of people.”

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