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Winners of record European jackpot buy houses for friends and donate £750k to local football team

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The winners of a record £161 million EuroMillions jackpot, Colin and Chris Weir, have splashed out on four homes for their friends and made a £750k donation to their local football club.

The three and four-bedroom homes are not far from the couple’s previous house in Largs, ­Ayrshire, Scotland, according to the Daily Record.

The houses have all been bought on the same street – where house prices average around £250,000 – and locals have dubbed it “Weir’s Way”.

One neighbour said: “Everyone’s been talking about the fact that Colin and Christine have bought four or five houses in the estate for their friends.

“Folk have been calling the street Weir’s Way. Everyone’s pleased they are putting so much money back into Largs.

“It would have been easy for them to move away and take their friends with them but they have stayed in Largs.”

Another neighbour added: “I’ve heard people calling it Weir’s Way a few times.It’s a nice neighbourhood and most people know each other so obviously news like that doesn’t stay secret for long.”

The Weirs also reportedly purchased a home for another family on a different street in the same development.

Colin and Christine live in an £850,000 property named Knock House, which includes a pool, cinema, stables and 23 acres of land, just north of Largs.

Colin has also reportedly pledged a £750,000 donation to his local football team, Largs Thistle FC, after paying off their £20,000 debt.

One club source said: “It’s marvellous. The £20,000 debt has been wiped out and Colin has agreed to spend £750,000 replacing the grass pitch with an ­all-weather surface.

“Colin has made it clear that the new pitch is just phase one and the next phase will see the main stand ­redeveloped and other facilities added or improved.”

Ex-club president Mr Bennie stated: “Mr Weir has been made honorary president of the club.

“He’s a very nice man and I’ve got a great deal of respect for him.”

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