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Winter Beauty Treats for Him


When it comes to grooming, many men will go into hibernation mode in the winter. And since they don’t actually stay in a cave for the duration, the results can be unsightly.

So what should you get a man (or yourself) who needs to get to spring in one piece?

For His Hair

Sometimes men like to think that they have hair that is impervious to the elements.  But in the dead of winter, in the blistering cold, who really is that clueless that they don’t try to keep their hair moisturized? Don’t answer that. Instead, just pick up a bottle of John Allan’s Smoothe Conditioning Styling Cream, which packs in Honey, Milk Proteins, Aloe, Carrot Root Extracts, Avocado and Meadowfoam Seed Oil in order to keep your hair in tip top shape even in the harshest winter conditions.

For His Eyes

Sunglasses are typically for the summer, but these days, more and more people are wearing them in the winter. Why? Because they’re a great way to block cold winds, avoid glare reflected from snow, as well as protect from harmful UV rays.  This pair by John Varvatos, which updates the classic aviator style, is one of our favorites, as it offers lightly tinted and large enough lenses to provide maximum protection, and looks great on the widest variety of faces.

For His Skin

There are myriad moisturizers for men that are capable and acceptable. But we swear by Kiehl’s, the old school pharmacy based in New York City, which has been coming up with innovate ways to hydrate the skin since 1851.  Although L’Oreal now owns them, that hasn’t changed them a bit, and their classic Facial Fuel is still our favorite skin care for men. Not too greasy, but highly effective, it is lightweight yet manly enough for even the most skeptical and grumpy cavemen types.

For His Hands

They often say, ‘real men don’t get manicures’, but men sure do need them sometimes. Personally, we have decided that men are terrible at clipping their fingernails because standard clippers are just not manly looking enough.  This Klhip award-winning nail clipper is truly the best we’ve seen, redesigned to make the clipping process fell effortless as well as collect loose fingernail bits.  You. Can. Do. Clipping. Now. Good.

For His Soul

Men are just little boys on the inside. How can you tell? They still won’t take their vitamins! But all little boys do like gummy candies, so why doesn’t someone just make gummy style multi-vitamins? Oh wait, they do.  And during the winter, it is important to take vitamins due to the lack of sunlight, change in diet and reduction in exercising – and feed the body and soul, if you will. These are made by One a Day, but you can find some by Northwest Natural Products and many more vitamin manufacturers.

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