world's biggest chocolate bar

World’s biggest chocolate bar sets new Guinness World Record


Much to the delight of chocoholics everywhere, the World’s Finest Chocolate company has made the Guinness World Record books with a chocolate bar weighing a massive 12,000 pounds, measuring 3 feet high and 21 feet long.

The monster bar has outweighed the previous record-breaking chocolate bar by a tonne.

According to the Mirror, the chocolate bar contains 1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar, 2,000 pounds of milk powder, 1,700 pounds of cocoa butter and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor.

The world’s biggest chocolate bar was made to illustrate “portion distortion” to school children.

A spokesman for the Chicago-based World’s Finest Chocolate company said: “We purposely made this bar to be an example of ‘portion distortion’.

“We’re committed to educating families about eating right and staying active and doing it in a fun and engaging way.”

Better hop on the next flight to Chicago before there’s none of the world’s biggest chocolate bar left!

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