world's most expensive champagne

World’s most expensive and oldest champagne sold for record €30,000


The world’s oldest champagne has been sold at auction for a record 30,000 euros, also making it the world’s most expensive champagne ever sold.

The bottle of Veuve Clicquot, believed to be 170 years old yet still drinkable, was discovered by divers uncovering a shipwreck in the Baltic sea in 2010.

The bottle was one of a treasure trove of 145 wine bottles to be discovered, however it is one of only two which will be sold since the others have become undrinkable due to their age.

According to a Veuve Clicquot wine taster, the champagne has a “strong floral and citrus aroma with an aftertaste of fudge and caramel sweetness”.

What turned out to be the world’s most expensive bottle of champagne was bought as a romantic gesture. Ravi Viswanathan paid the record price of 30,000 euros for the bottle at an auction as a tenth wedding anniversary present for his wife Julia.

Viswanathan, a French citizen and Singapore permanent resident, said: “When I first heard about the champagne bottle during the auction, I thought it would be a fitting gift for the occasion (as) this year’s actually our tenth year wedding anniversary.”

His wife Julia said of her generous gift: “My husband doesn’t believe in keeping wines, he wants to open them and enjoy them with his friends.”

What a lucky lady!

Watch the news item below for a look at the world’s most expensive and oldest champagne:

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