Douche Burger

World’s most expensive burger costs $666 and is called the ‘Douche Burger’


A New York City food truck by the name of 666 Burger has released a new devilish $666 burger called the ‘Douche Burger’ – the world’s most expensive burger available from a food truck.

The truck’s co-owner, 36-year-old Franz Aliquo, described the creation perfectly on Facebook: it’s “a f–cking burger filled and topped with rich people’s s–t.”

True to its description, the burger’s creators have piled on some of the world’s most expensive ingredients between two burger buns to make the ultimate ‘Douche Burger’.

Aliquo said the burger is made using: “Kobe beef patty (wrapped in gold leaf), foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles, imported aged gruyere cheese (melted with champagne steam) kopi luwak bbq sauce and Himalayan rock salt.” He added: “It may not taste good, but it will make you feel rich as f–k. Douche.”

And, to top off the doucheness of the burger, it’s wrapped in three $100 bills. As one of the truck owner’s explained: “When you are done with it you’ll have three greasy hundred dollar bills and have to decide what to do with them. That’s why it is called the Douche Burger.”

Oh, and the burger’s bun can also be branded with a pentagram, for customers who are feeling particularly douche.

So, what sparked the idea for the ‘Douche Burger’?

Aliquo says his girlfriend came up with the idea during a conversation about the popularity of overpriced burgers.

“We took the most offensive pieces from other famous burgers and just took it up a level,” he said. “I mean, what’s the point of putting gold flakes on your food? It doesn’t add to the flavour, it’s just to be able to say you ate gold flakes. So screw it, we’re going to wrap the whole patty in gold and make people eat that.”

He also told Newsweek: “The idea came from our deep-seated disgust and hatred of all the other douche burgers out there. A burger is just about meat, bun and cheese. All this other stuff just ruins the flavour.”

His dig was at the Guinness World Record holder for world’s most expensive burger, New York restaurant Serendipity 3′s Le Burger Extravagant, at $295.

“The one from Serendipity comes with a diamond-encrusted gold toothpick,” said Aliquo. “Then you’re not really buying a burger, you’re buying a diamond toothpick with a burger attached. Just be real about it.”

But when asked if his ‘Douche Burger’ was just a joke, Aliquo assured the public it wasn’t, saying he’s happy to sell you one, but he still reserves the right to call you a douche for buying it.

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