Orange, Red, Yellow

World’s most expensive contemporary painting sells for USD86.9 million


A painting by Russian-American painter Mark Rothko has become the world’s most expensive contemporary artwork, after fetching USD86.9 million at auction.

Orange, Red, Yellow was painted in 1961 and sold for the record price at Christie’s in New York on Tuesday.

According to the BBC, Christie’s stated the auction’s total takings – USD388.5 million – exceeded the previous world record for a contemporary art auction, set in 2007.

Last week, a version of Edvard Munch’s famous painting  The Scream set a new world record after selling at auction for USD119.9 million.

The highest price paid for a Mark Rothko work at auction prior to Tuesday’s record sale was USD72.84 million.

Francis Bacon’s Triptych held the previous world record for most expensive contemporary artpiece, selling for USD86.3m in 2008.

Fourteen artists in total took record high sale prices for their works at Tuesday’s auction.

Other new record prices set at the auction included USD36.5 million for Yves Klein’s FC1, USD23 million for Jackson Pollock’s Number 28, 1951, and USD14.1 million for an untitled 1980 work by Willem de Kooning.

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