world's most expensive cupcake

World’s most expensive edible cupcake


The world’s most expensive edible cupcake has gone on sale in Dubai for the whopping price of AED3700 (USD1007).

Made using 23-carat edible gold sheets, the Golden Phoenix cupcake went on sale last Thursday to celebrate the opening of the cupcake franchise Bloomsbury’s in the Dubai Mall, The National reported.

Other ingredients used in making the luxury cupcakes include organic flour and butter imported from the UK, Italian chocolate and vanilla beans from Uganda.

As a finishing touch, the cupcake is served on a 24-carat gold stand with a golden spoon and topped with chocolate icing and edible gold-dipped strawberries.

“We are really excited to have unveiled the most expensive cupcake in the world,” said Vinay Lall, general manager of Tablez Food Company, which owns Bloomsbury’s.

“We have seen people attempt expensive cupcakes before, however, those are not edible as they are encrusted with diamonds and other components.

“That is why we decided that we would take the realistic approach and present the most expensive edible cupcake in the world.”

The cupcake is available to order from the Dubai Mall’s Bloomsbury’s outlet. Orders must be made 48 hours in advance.

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