Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive

World’s most expensive flash drive


You’d probably pay a premium for a flash drive if it had extra storage space, but would you pay US$37,000 for a mushroom-shaped flash drive covered in sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds?

Swiss jewellery maker La Maison Shawish recently launched its luxury Magic Mushroom USB flash drives. And although they can only store 32GB of data, these little gadgets could cost up to $37,000 depending on the colour, Tecca reported.

A pink Magic Mushroom USB flash drive covered in pink sapphires and white diamonds will set you back $16,500, while a red version that contains rubies rather than pink sapphires is priced at $24,400. But if you want the greatest mushroom flash drive of them all, there’s a green version covered in emeralds for the staggering price of $36,900.

According to La Maison Shawish, the mushroom design was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and was designed to encourage owners to relive childhood memories. The company believes combining the classic novel with something as modern as a flash drive “makes a lot of sense”.

But with their hefty price tags, the Magic Mushroom USB flash drives might only make a lot of sense to those with lots of money.

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